Perennial Boredem

I’m in a kind of limbo state that I haven’t experienced for a while, with a twist I guess.

The limbo state is mostly due to the fact that I’m single but not looking, so I’ve got more of a sense of personal identity and individuality which should be quite healthy for me :D, still feels fucking weird though…

Right, for those of you who sustain yourselves on emo words I guess I should say a few… The frequency of my thoughts about my matter seem to be subsiding very slowly but that doesnt mean they’re gone completely. I don’t personally think my¬† ‘phobia’ will go away so if I have to bare another year of this then I guess I’ll have to.

So yeah, my usual sign off. Tom, stop being such a clingy sentimental retard who can’t even get his fucking conscious mind under control.


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