Fuck introductions!

So I recently took MDMA, we were going to sample some of those magical mushrooms but no dealer anywhere could get us anything (plus someone we know can get us them for free :D)

Anyway, so I’ve done the research, since taking anything that looks like anthrax would scare anyone… The only lasting side effects of MDMA are a lack of serotonin in the brain after repeated use (which doesn’t really happen, since it isn’t addictive at all)

We also knew it was pure because our dealer is also one of our good friends, and soon to be, Cornell’s partner in music. And we literally had a bag of what looked like quartz.

We heard there was a party in the woods somewhere last Saturday, so obviously, we jump on a bus, thinking this is gonna be amazing..

It was.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that high, nor have I ever loved absolutely everyone ever.

We meditated

We watched trippy shit on YouTube for hours.

It was like being a baby again… Everyone and Everything was absolutely amazing for a night.

I’m not saying do it.. But one guy in government publicly announced that you were more at risk during horse riding…

Also there are some tests going ok that could see MDMA used as a psychotherapeutic drug :o


2 thoughts on “MDMA

  1. MDMA is my favourite drug. Pick the girl you like and it’s yours in just minutes LOL :D

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