“My name is Buttz, from the town of Lix”

June is almost upon us, and what does that mean to you my friends?

Well i don’t care because i’m about to tell what you SHOULD care about instead, and that is the FINAL FANTASY FIVE FOUR JOB FIESTA

What is it? Well, simply put it is a combination of a charity event and a FFV challange run. Starting from june you start a fresh file of FFV, any of the versions will do, and you just play! Where does the challange come in you may ask? Well whenever you reach one of the 4 crystals within the game you unlock 5 or so new classes to enhance your 4 party members with, while doing the 4 job fiesta (or FFFFJF for, uh, short) whenever you reach a new crystal you tweet the almighty GILGAMESH-BOT and he chooses a class for you, you’re then locked into that class for the remainder of the game! So that means whenever you hit the first crystal and given a job all four party members are required to be that job until you hit the second crystal and get given your second job in which case you can have any combination of those two jobs in your party, same with the third and fourth crystals, however you must have AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR ASSIGNED JOBS AT ALL TIMES, so that means once you hit crystal #4 you must have each of your dudes a different one of your chosen classes at all times.

This may sound really restrictive but due to the skill-swapping nature of the job system it actually creates a really fun and unique challange because while a dude may be in one job they can still use abilities of the other 3 if theyve spent time as them. Final fantasy five is real famous for the sheer amount of ways you can break it over its knee yet still remain a fun game. Take last year for example, i was given white mage, then mystic knight, then ninja and then finally dancer, a fairly varied set up and not much synergy at first glance but by endgame i had my dedicated healbot/holy spammer and 3 guys dual wielding maraccas/knives (thanks ninja) enhanced with whatever element they feel, drain, flare or osmose usually (thanks mystic knight!) who, whenever they hit the correct dance, would hit for SIXTEEN FUCKING TIMES around 5000~ damage a hit. It was hilarious and great fun. A lot of the challange comes from trying to overcome the unique bosses, of which there are a lot, with the tools at hand. A boss who completely restarts the fight if he is hit with a physical? Better break out the mute-sword, or do the entire fight only summoning hummingbirds and squirrels to attack or launch your entire inventory at his face. No healing class? No problem! Find yourself a magic rod that heals people when you smack your buddies in the face and get to work beating the wounds outta people!

The charity comes in via people making pledges or people paying GILGABOT to switch up his chosen classes for you (tho you are lame as fuck if you do that) all the money goes towards to very lovely Childs Play foundation who work to create entertainment and toys and shit for kids in child hospices.

I heartily encourage everyone to join in, even if you don’t donate, the challange itself is a ton of fun. Hell it’s more than doable even if you’ve never played it before, Angharad stomped, punched and summoned comets through the game last year with a less than sub-optimal team of Monk/Time Mage/Monk/Warrior and it was her first time ever through FFV. And she was playing it on hardmode in which your job gets picked from the entire pool of entire jobs every time you hit a crystal rather than just the new choices! (a terrifying prospect if only because it can lead to the dreaded 3 ‘Zerker and a Warrior set up)

And if you havent played FFV for some crazy reason yet then you owe it to yourself to, it is tied for top between it, FFVI and FFIX for greatest final fantasys. The game does not take itself seriously in the slightest and as such is goofy as fuck and has a lot of fun with its plot and script, the gameplay is fantastic and offers a lot of solutions to every obstacle (mostly through how you beat a fight not “RU GUD OR R U EVOL” moral choices)



And if you don’t play it you miss out on the best “villian” character in the game behind Ultros. Gilgamesh is a godsend

Anyway, as time draws closer to the start date i’ll prolly do a reminder post and maybe even write up a mini-lets play on here as i go. I hope you’ll join me in doing it this year~


3 thoughts on ““My name is Buttz, from the town of Lix”

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