Maybe it was always like this

I started writing a vidya post, then I decided to cut it down to just PC games, but even then I just couldn’t stop writing paragraph after paragraph that could be summed up as ‘And then there was this video game and I did this thing in it that was really cool’, because although there have certainly been video games that have influenced me more than others, all of them have contributed in some form. I mean, if I can write nearly 500 words about my first few PC video games before we even get to any of the monumental ones that must say something.

Even when playing video games was just a thing I did, not really a hobby, not something I would look up online or even discuss with friends, it gave me a lot of fond memories. And I think that’s why I still play games to this day. Although I evaluate them with a more critical eye and am less likely to spend hours trying to find the secret area I convinced myself was in between screens in an old Zelda game, I’m still just playing games to make those fond memories of doing something cool and fun that created enough of something to make it a really fond memory.

I guess I didn’t really realise how much games have shaped me until I started looking back on how many there were. How many will bring a fond smile to my face when I remember figuring something out or just doing something you thought was dead cool. Or even being a bit of a dick with your best friend and beating people (with rather unfair tactics) on Red Alert 2 or randomly reporting people on runescape then running as far up into the PvP zone as possible without dying.

I could go on and on and on and I just might. But not today, I might write up a couple of different posts on my history with various gaming devices if that would be interesting.

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