I understand where the idea of safety from some kind of religious of Christian overtone comes from, hell it doesn’t even have to be Christian, it could be people who are really into atheism, Muslims or any sect for all I care and believe me, I understand!

It’s comforting to believe there is a higher power, or a better place than this or that as long as at the end of the day you do a little bit of regret towards this higher power that all of your wrongs will be forgiven and I get how that might be pleasant  but that doesn’t make it healthy.

The only faith anyone should have is in themselves or in the people they choose to keep around them, because after all you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

So don’t do me a favour, but do yourselves a favour, one and all. Don’t believe in jesus, allah or hell even the Mad Bomber card in hearthstone, believe in your own ability when things go right or wrong and when you’re feeling down, believe in your friends.

Because the fact faith and hope feels so ephemeral and beyond our reach is just sad, isn’t it?


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