Before siphoning out the sad.

We first spoke on the 9th of January, since then we could have filled a library
with all the thoughts of each other,
on pages, text messages, pictures and the words we’d utter,
between breaths, sheets and experiences, we had one another

By the 23rd you were mine and I yours, though we both knew it was for sure,
I wanted to ask you in person, I wanted to see you smile because if love was a currency we were rich, we paid each other in smiles and laughs, hugs and kisses; we were never poor.

Two days later I told you I loved you, you said it back with a smile
I told you that i’d be holding it for awhile, you said you had too
From that day we promised to never hold back, to go the full mile
and we did, every day from then on I told you I loved you

Neither of us have ever had very much, we got by on very little
but all we had, together, was all we ever needed or wanted,
plans were made, the list was growing and we were only in the middle
we loved like the sun, apologised to noone because we didn’t flaunt it

Now you’re gone, forgotten will never be a word your memory will know,
i’ll keep every one of them in a safe called my heart,
the key being every word we wrote, the feeling of your hand to hold,
every picture we took, every look shared, you were my life’s good part.

I am a man still walking,
with cuts to the bone all over my soul,
around me they keep talking,
with no idea how deep this hole can go.

When you left I ripped my heart out,
i’ll never love another
I’ll leave it by your grave and shout,
I’ll never love another.


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