Anime review you can finish before your bowl of cereal is empty: Sound! Euphonium

So I have a lot to say about a lot of anime’s but I don’t feel there is any point in writing 1000 words of why this seasons best B-anime was pretty ‘alright’ so instead if I ever feel like you should REALLY go watch something or REALLY shouldn’t or anything I’m just gonna write five key points about it and if you go and watch it and fancy chatting to me about it and allowing me to talk about a good show with someone cool, nice one! (also lol #listjournalism #southbank)

Sound! Euphonium

  • The animation is pretty good quality, I say pretty good because it wow’d me because of the sheer amount of terribly animated but decent story anime we’ve gotten. Everything is detailed, the characters are feel alive with their facial quirks and blinking during conversation.
  • I think this is the first ever girl x girl story I’ve ever watched where it’s a normal mature relationship and not loads of yuri fanservice. It’s kind of when they do the guy and the moe/tsundere girl and they slowly have lots of normal interactions and get shy around each other while genuinely falling in love. This caught me so off-guard when I caught wind that this was happening. It’s endearing, it’s cute and I kinda love it. Think the Korra finalé but slice of life. But it’s not just that either, the tension of being from a family who doesn’t get you or the mistrust of as teacher, it hits on point every single time.
  • SPORTS ANIME!!! I don’t think I need to say much on this and I get it’s not a sport sport anime, but it gives you that same vibe of “Wow, we suck we need to practice” “But I want to make nationals!” and then all the drama and montages and the characters develop as their skills do and I mean man, the competition episodes. You know those chills and thrills you get in a competition episode of Free! ? same deal.
  • Character development. You can’t say this much about many anime but the characters develop a lot, almost every single episode even. It sucks it’s only a Thirteen Episode long series, but let’s hope it gets the Saki! treatment and we get a second season.
  • Finally, I guess it would be wrong of me not to talk about the music. I think only me and James will know the feels that “Your Lie In April” or shigatsu kimi wa uso gave us, but even if you ignore the emotional rollercoaster that was, the scenes where the classical music plays, where everyones eyes start shining and you know that animation studio has hired an entire fucking orchestra just to make their show authentic, I think that’s just fucking swell. It’s kind of like when you hear your favourite classic nintendo theme tune orchestrated and why we love Brawls OST so much.

Summary: It’s 13 episodes long. It’s does a homosexual female relationship perfectly and makes it feel so natural and cute and just the way all the characters (besides one fucking bitch) are a delight. Go watch it.

well like, that’s it.

This was longer than expected but I think you could finish reading it before you ate your bowl of cereal, probably. If not you’re a fat fuck and eat too fast.


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