So here’s a long overdue post. I want to thank each and every one of you who uses this blog, even those who never read past the first title name because you’ve inadvertently done something very beneficial to me that it has never really dawned on me until just now.

Now, I’m not going to say with arrogance that any of you are apolitical. You have your political beliefs, most of which I would say are different to mine and some might even be in direct opposition to it, but you are not political people. There’s absolutely no shame in saying that you are not a political person; none whatsoever. You want to know why? Because life isn’t about finding and championing a political cause that you spend all of it working on.

I wrestled with this for a long time probably because from a fairly young age I was politicised unnecessarily. Now, I don’t apologise for holding some of those beliefs I still have today, but what I do regret is that I spent a better part of my teenage and early adolescent arguing with people who wouldn’t be won over by me or anyone else in a million years.

If you don’t think this is a bad thing, then imagine for a thought scenario what life living with a revolutionary die hard or a politically charged Tumblr blogger must be like. Imagine if they were your friend or partner. Imagine having to wake up and hear “Look at this thing that happened on the internet!”. Imagine thinking about all the things you’d like to do with them today- It’s Sunday, maybe you can go out for a drive or take the train down to Brighton, or just watch a movie together. Instead, they are Talking about fighting the feminist oppressors, or taking back the country from the progressive left or any plethora of mind-bogglingly tedious bullshit that is forcibly draining your will to continue to listen to them.

You’d get sick of them pretty quickly. Or if that is too far-fetched, then imagine I came to every gathering talking about how much I hated the liberals. Imagine me offending someone and then spending the entire evening arguing with them. Imagine trying to enjoy being high, rolling on MD or just trying to sleep whilst I chirp away with someone else about something political.

That’s the real tragedy of “Political” people- they’re a fucking bore to be around. They just fucking suck the fun out of what should be a normal human interaction.

My only advice to future people who might stumble across this blog is that you should learn something technical and not start with the “big picture”. You can add all these small technical things you learn together and then think for yourself “what’s the best way to make this work” as part of a big picture that can lead you into politics and then philosophy (or maybe vice-versa), but don’t spend your life ¬†talking about politics. If you don’t believe me, here’s an example

This man has spend his entire adult life since he left university, that’s a good 10 years of his life, campaigning for the Labour party. His entire life, being a mouthpiece to a giant, almost immobile machine of speeches. Can you even imagine?

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