I give my life not for honour, but for fooooooood

Aite lads + ladettes I guess I’m first off for our whole food porn/inspire the rest of us to cook better thing!

I came across a real nice sounding Lime + Cilantro (otherwise known as Coriander for us normal folks) chicken recipe that looked and sounded real good. Paprika, coriander and lime in one dish? I’m sold. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested


The ingredients, fresh from asda and excited to be made into something delicious

afterThe finished result, fuckin mint mate.

I’m real happy with how it turned out, it smelled, looked and tasted amazing! The only change I would make next time is to get thicker cream, because the sauce turned out slightly watery.

It cost about £10 for 3 meals worth and the majority of that was from the chicken, and the rest asides from the onion + lime I can use in other cooking things, so it was super good value too. It had absolutely minimal prep time about 10 minutes of non cook pre-prep which was pretty great and was a 1pan meal which I love! You really get to slowly mix and combine all these great flavours.

All in all I’d give it a good 8.5 out of 10 and will definitely be something I’m making again in the future.

Your turn now guys…

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