Cooking with A Penguin

Hello friends

Today I’m going through two recipes I used from goodhousekeeping (seriously, they have tried & tested recipe section that is usually legit)

First up we’ll do pork fried rice! Now I always wanted to be able to do egg fried rice because I loooooooove that stuff from takeaway, I could eat it foreveeeerrrrr.

So for pork fried rice I started out with a fuck ton of pork, surprisingly.


While I was chopping this mound of meat I also had some tasty vegetables on the go and made some scrambled egg that’d come into play later, and finally a bit of rice.


Get some spring onions chopped up and ready to go…


Some saucy, flavour players. I’ve never really used oyster sauce (or sesame oil) before but they were a really nice addition.


Fry up that pork yessssss.


Throw those veggies and eggies in…


And a few tasty sauces…


And there we have it!


Suuper tasty and filling, felt just a little cheeky but also a fair few vegetables so not too bad on the healthy rating!

Next we’ve got chicken chow mein. Handily, there was some overlap with the pork fried rice on some of the ingredients.

So first up I make this sauce that’s then gonna be used right at the end to bring it all together. You start out by making a pretty thick paste with some cornflour, garlic, and ginger. Then make it a bit more saucy by mixing in a fair amount of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and ketchup. Appetising!


Cut up some fresh veg…


Be a bit lazy and make some frozen veg…


Fry up some chicken…


And start throwing things together once it’s all good! Not pictured was me throwing in a tin of vegetables. I wanted more beansprouts than anything but online grocery ordering is a paaaaaiiiiiin.


Finally throw them noodles in that I shoulda told you to be preparing and you’re all set.


Again, not too guilty cos of the fair amount of veg, but also super filling comfort food.

Be proud of me Kirby

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