This post is not quite about Paige, but whatever, maybe it is, but only a bit
I walked, because you walked
But I won’t probably get very far
Sensation to what you said
But I’m not about to expect something more
I would not have run off
But I couldn’t bear that it’s me
It’s my fault
I should not be so lost

Comes to know
Though the feelings were half where we lied
Comes to be wrong
In our dreams we were making it right

But you
Threw your hands up and walked away
Seems strange I could feel this way
You’re the only one I ever loved

There’s nothing that needs to be said
We can pretend
We’ll sandblast these walls and paint them again
There’s nothing left for us
When everything comes to an end
We can pretend

No I didn’t think that it would be like this
So now i gotta work out what it is I missed
Now all this love
Is sticks and stones
Being thrown round homes
Breaking bones

What did I do wrong this time
I finally found a fault

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