A Fleeting Moment

You may have noticed that I dropped off the radar a bit from Augusts Molly frenzy to now. Needless to say on that night up North I bragged and had shown off a new person in my life which had been going swimmingly . I wanted to make this new connection amazing and so for the period of August to September I spent a lot of time with her doing many a thing and it was bliss.

Unfortunately not all things I take joy from can carry on indefinitely and just as easy as this new presence arrived; it left. It left along with an irretrievable part of me. It kinda sucks.

As all you guys ( and gal) know once your a part of my inner life, you are their for ever and always and I’ll have your back until the sun consumes the Earth or the core collapses. Whichever comes first. The same principle applies to a partner; if I feel that your a person I could see an onwards with I will be dedicated and passionate and loyal. In these last few months I thought I had found that partner only for it to be suddenly flipped and reversed. It stung.

So I spent October in confusion, overthinking, sadness and maybe a bit too much drinking. But I think I’m climbing out of this rut now and I just wanted to give explanation to my short in and outs in conversations as you deserve it.

Look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.


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