Big Bear

So its your birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Luke my big ol’ brown bear; Beard Saint and Muscle Man.

God knows how so much sex appeal could be put into one person ;P

Its truly unbelievable how one journey to visit some people I met online who leaved nearby would result in a friendship that has expanded to unimaginable heights. First meetings always the worst for the person who is only known through a microphone and needless to say I was worried on how I’d be perceived or if this event would be something I would enjoy.

You pretty much were a true welcoming soul that first day and, as I’m sure you know, a connection was made and a friendship born which will last a lifetime and span any distance. It’s not something I could put a finger on; more of an instinctual feeling that we would click like pieces of a jigsaw and as a result this bond came to fruition.

I’ve had amazing years with you already and I look forward to many future ones. I know this post may not explain everything I want to say but there is too much to put into a post, but I know you understand everything I am saying even if it isn’t expressly said.

Enjoy yourself, be merry, keep giving that huge love you hold to everyone and have a great birthday :)

Much Manly Love,

VJ x

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