(You’re a) big (hearted) guy!

My dear fellow,

Congratulations on your reaching a quarter of a century old! How it must feel to reach this particular milestone in your life. Do you feel old yet? But of course, you are still so young and full of vigour that this number 25 must mean as little to you as 24 and then 26.

Well, you’ll have a great day, I’m sure. What a proud and happy moment this must be for you as you move onto the next step of your life. By now I’m sure you have received many congratulations, though for what it is worth, I will be adding mine to the pile.

What a strange first meeting we had. If my memory serves me correctly, we were both huddled around Alex’s tiny kitchen, trying to cook our very first giant meatball with cheese and bacon from Epic meal time. It seems rather silly now that we look back and realise we waited something like 5 hours for an oven to partially cook something like £60 worth of food. We ate it anyway, though!

I remember after meeting you not knowing what to really make of you. I remember that even a year on I couldn’t really know what to make of you, but I had decided I definitely liked you. My opinions of you began to solidfy in a definitely positive direction a few discussions on this and that. The group chat has been amazing for getting the best out of people, especially you. It helped me go from “man, this guy’s music tastes are really out there” to “man, this guy’s music tastes are really out there and I fucking love it.”

I think it’s safe to say we really bonded after my first MDMA night. It’s hilarious looking back, but you and James really were in for a sight seeing me wriggle all over you two and touch your beards. What a time.

Really gotta say, out of everyone I know, I think you have the most impressive determination given everything you have gone through. Life just keeps throwing you sit and you keep eating it up (not literally, eating poop is gross) and asking for seconds. I don’t know ho you do it. Just look at how you went from tubby in one of the MDMA photos to fucking ripped. You drop the gains and then go back and get them and then some. Truly, truly impressive.

Well, I’ll wrap this up. Happy birthday, dude. Many hugs and kisses your way.

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