No one can see you try

So I thought that idea about posting 2016 resolutions was pretty neat. I’m not much of a resolutions gal but here’s a list of things where I’d be pretty happy if I achieved some of them over the coming year:

  • Go to the gym you lazy turd you PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP. Try for 1 x evening, 1 x morning, 1 x weekend per week.
  • Read one book per month. YOU GOT A KINDLE YOU FUCK, USE IT.
  • You also got a camera jeez having a job just makes you spend money on shit doesn’t it. Take some cool pics.
  • Keep changing and growing as a person and try and be happy with those changes by the end of the year.
  • Do your own fun work stuff outside of work. But only fun work stuff. Develop the skills that you’re passionate about. Git good.
  • Leading on, don’t take bad hard work stuff home with you. Let go of the stress once you get in the flat.
  • Get regular haircuts instead of being lazy about it.
  • Wear more pretty things.
  • Don’t be too much of an asshole.

I guess overall these can be summed up with trying to live a better, happier life which is what resolutions should lead towards I suppose.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, future me and future everyone else on this blog, I hope you’re happy and that most things are ok with you.

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