3-month-old meal

Scheduled this post a few days ago to appear here 3 months after I actually made the meal and planned to post it on ROSR (soz Ashley-san). ALSO SORRY all these pictures are super awful phone camera wankers, but hopefully I’ll start cooking nice stuff again soon and take some decent pics.

So this tasty meal is mostly focussed on the char siu, however I did serve it with some pork fried rice (cheekily using a bit of the char siu meat), which I have posted about on here before. For this meal you need to start prepping the day before, so I’m afraid this isn’t some quick tasty to whip up, but it is p fucking tasty.

Start out with a big ol pork loin. Prick that shit then throw it in a saucepan. Ideally it should be pretty snug and you’re gonna cover it with some stuff in a sec.


So, you’re now gonna chuck a load of stuff in there. Based on a 750g pork loin you’re gonna want 250ml soy sauce, 100ml sake, 100ml mirin (or if you’re awful like me substitute it for something cos you weren’t a strong enough weeb to find sake and mirin), 50ml soy sauce, a few garlic cloves, some sliced fresh ginger root, a couple of star anise, then throw in some pepper for seasoning.






Throw in some water so it’s properly covered, hopefully no more than 500ml so you’re not watering down the flavours too much. Bring it to the boil, then turn down the heat, cover, and leave it alone for a couple of hours, as long as you can really, til the pork is tender. If you can, leave the pork to cool in the liquid, overnight is best.


Keep the liquid, but remove the pork, pat it dry, and wrap that shit tight in some clingfilm and throw it in the fridge. You want to firm it up so it isn’t a ballache to slice nice and thin (jokes on me, it was still a ballache).


Once it’s all chilled and firm, try and cut it into thin slices. I fucked up and had some okay slices which is what I use in the rest of this recipe, the other bits I threw into pork fried rice (SO TASTY).


IMAG1982You then want to fry those nice thin slices while pouring on small amounts of that liquid you saved, making a nice sticky sauce to go with the meat.


Serve it up with some rice or noodles or whatever and enjoy! Even if I messed it up at times it was still super delicious so :thumbs up:



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