I have this idea that I know exactly how to handle every situation, to leave time to process, to deal with conflict and how to share success.

But honestly I’m feeling overwhelmed and I don’t really like it. 2016 has been a hard year just because I have to worry about my studies, my current finances, my future finances and my social life all at once and it feels like a “pick two and move on” scenario.

I come up with great ideas to make a portifolio, combine my love for photography with my knowledge in journalism and my skills in entrepreneurship combined, but I feel so fucking drained.

I have an exam today and I’ve studied a years worth of content in about four days and I feel like that if I could just drill things like I do with the things I care about i’d be okay, so I do and something start to click, but more things in other parts of my life start to fall apart.

But then suddenly, comfort walks through the door. Unrequited, and honestly unexpected.

I kid myself with lines like “Well, it is what it is and it’s fun while it lasts”

But honestly. She’s incredible and I don’t think I could ever value her enough.

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