Fried Chicken ala Alex Recipe:

Chicken Thigh (Boneless) go to a butcher or a big enough supermarket that they sell it anyway, its a bitch to do it yourself.

Rice Flour just makes the crust really like every Korean chicken shop you’ve ever been too, its gooood.

Buttermilk makes the outside of the chicken really fucking tender and makes you think “Wow thats shit is delicious”

House spices

Hot Sauce

High smokepoint oil


Get a container (ideally with a seal, a jar, in my case a tub) and fill it with your chicken. Then have enough buttermilk that you can cover the meat. Once you’ve done that you’ve met basic requirements to start breaking down the proteins of the outside of the meat. Makes sticking flour easier and makes it juicy. But we don’t stop there, If we are breaking down proteins we also want to impart some flavour, so we had Franks Hot Sauce. Its not hot, it’s like buttery and flavoursome and its just perfect. I also added a little sricha because my recipie is inspired from Korean Chicken shops.
(it’s also not at all spicy, just vinegary and lots of flavour)

I also add some salt, pepper, celery salt, white pepper, oregano and bayleaf into the mix.

After that, let it sit for 24 hours.

Get your tub out of the fridge 2 hours before cooking, you don’t want the meat to be cold, you actually kinda want it to hit room temperature, or as close as possible.

Get the biggest fucking pan you’ve got (Multiple pans if cooking for multiple people and never overcrowd your oil, you’ll reduce the temp.

Get the oil like, really fucking hot. I’m not a chef, so I can’t tell you temps, but I put my hob on as high as the electric cooker will go (A 6) and let it get to the point where a fleck of batter will fizz.

Make some season flour dredge, literally whatever you want like it’s cooking its basically art but mine is like a 50/50 mix of Flour:Spices so I do my flour, then Smoked Paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, celery salt, sage and cayenne chilli pepper.

Dredge it up, get in all the crevices and throw it in the oil. Should take about 5-9 minutes depending on how thick the thigh was (I’ve actually made popcorn chicken using this method and that was amazing)

What you’re watching for is the skin to go as dark brown before it starts looking burnt, check your first piece by cutting through the thickest point and use that as your baseline!

I garnished with brioche buns and sricha, but you can do so many things. Maple Syrup and Waffles, by itself with an Asian Dressing like

1pt soysauce 1pt honey 1pt sricha 1pt mirin is pretty naice

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