2016 was a rollercoaster


(Seen above: Crieff hydro in scotland, one of the best hotels i’ve ever stayed at. With maci, it was awesome.)

Get ready for the next stream of consciousness boys, comin’ atcha from edinburghia.

So, 2016 was pretty dope, also pretty shitty.

Dope bits:

  • Saw maci 3 times this year (4 if you count before she left)
  • Got in the best shape of my entire life.
  • Climbed a 6C! (Which had holds where you picked yourself up with two fingers.)
  • Got a 5% payrise!
  • Got my first tattoo

Shit bits:

  • Probably the loneliest year of my life so far. In london it was easy to see people and when it wasn’t it was easy to hit up tinder and get a little bit of company that way. Not so much here, i’ve made some friends at work and otherwise, but noone I can really hang out at theirs and drink a beer with.
  • Getting fatter (boooo)
  • Could just be the end of year blues but I haven’t had any motivation to do anything for the past month or two. Maybe that’ll change.


Not bad. Ups and downs, peaks and troughs, like any year before it and the years to come. (Except 2015, fuck 2015 in particular.)

Now, the rest of you get your asses to it.

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