DW: 5 eps in

I should have either waited for half way or done it the week before when we’ll be a third in, but hey, why not five? I mean, why not indeed.

So, quick points: new companions, head writer leaving, Capaldi leaving, shows is bleeding viewers like a leaky bucket and was off TV for 2016. With all that in mind, series 10 could be the most divisive and potential for ruinous season so far. So let’s see how we’re doing:

Episode one: The Pilot: Quite a nice introduction to our new characters and a resetting of the general plot, the story was sort of throwaway, we never really got an idea what the monster was beyond what we saw. I assume it’s either meant to be that way or we get some sort of call back later on.

Episode two: Written by someone who wrote one of the worst episodes in the past few seasons, this one had emoji robots and the potential to be absolute wank. Turns out it was merely ok- not stupid, not offensive, just wrapped up a little too quickly. Mystery for 35 minutes, resolution in 5. Pacing seems to be an issue with these stories.

Episode three: I’m glad this episode exists because without the message “racism is bad” appearing on every BBC product known to mankind, I’d probably be a Skinhead Neo Nazi fire bombing refugee centres (that was a joke Mi5/Mi6/Metropolitan Police/NSA/CIA/FEMA, I don’t think that, I think the opposite of that). Anyway, Some awkward bungling of the message of a business shouldn’t exploit a big snake thing living under the Thames that I think we can all get behind.

Episode four: Poirot is a landlord and he has taken the mystery of why more university students aren’t fed to sentient gigantic bugs a bit too seriously. Ok, but really, this is definitely the highlight of the series thus far- Without spoiling it like I sort of did for previous ones, I’m just going to say that it’s half haunted house, half exploration of weird people and their relationships with the normal world. Touching, frightening, good acting and we get to watch uni students die.- This catapults the episode into “actually p good” territory.

Episode five: I can buy space oxygen Zombies, but I don’t buy that a company would pay for human miners to go all the way out to a rock to mine bottomed out metals, have robots fly them there, build the station and then not have advanced enough technology to have robot miners. I’d like to request the whole “why aren’t we just using robots” talk with the CEO at the next AGM. But overall, it’s alright. If you want to see a tongue bath in action, go to Twitter to get these reviews.

So yeah. Doctor Who. Previously we’d usually have at least one really, really shit episode by now, but we’ve gotten away with it. We’re riding the grey gravy train of television mediocrity and we’re not stopping until our license is, baby! Next few episodes include: burnt robed people, the Pope, evil woman, evil woman who is probably royalty, surgery patients gone wrong and men with miniature floodlights fitted to their heads. Could be great!

7/10- You just keep hitting those sixes, Beeb

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